750 Yongjia Road, Shanghai, China
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The Aimking Mansion offers first-class apartment rental to expatriates in Shanghai.

The 15 appartment suites in our building are specially designed and spaciously ample. Each suite has 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room and 3 bathrooms, with a floor area of 318 or 518 square meters. They are all brightly colored, elegantly decorated and furnished with Chinese and Western styled furniture.

With excellent location, enormous space, in-house facilities like swimming pool and sauna, and sincere round-the-clock services, we assure our guests the unprecedented comfort of home and complete repose. For 18 years, Aimking Mansion has provided our warm and genial service for many executives from prestigious multinational corporations and diplomats of consulates, who work and live in Shanghai.